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Member of Editors

Editor in chief

  • Hirohisa Isogai

    Kyushu Sangyo University,

International editor in chief

  • Zhen-Bo Cao

    Shanghai University of Sport,
    Public Health, Medicine


  • Kiyohisa Natsume

    Kyushu Institute of
    Technology, Engineering

  • Shunichi Takeshita

    Shigakkan University,
    Sport Management

  • Takahiro Sato

    University of Tsukuba,

  • Yoshio Nakamura

    Waseda University,
    Health Science

  • David Lavetter

    Arkansas State University(USA),
    Sport Management

  • Kayoko Kurita

    The University of Tokyo.
    Higher Education

  • Masayuki Matsui

    Kanagawa University,
    The University of Electro-Communications
    Digital 3M&I and Artifacts, Industrial/stochastic management

  • Kazumoto Tanaka

    Kindai University,
    Computer Vision

Editorial board member

  • Hiroki Nakamoto

    National Institute of Fitness &
    Sports in Kanoya
    Sport Psychology

  • Toshitaka Yamakawa

    Kumamoto University,
    Sensor Electronics, Physiological Measurement

  • Kazushige Oshita

    Okayama Prefectural
    physical fitness, physiological anthropology

  • Takaaki Tsunokawa

    University of
    Biomechanics, Coaching

  • Chiachi Cheng

    Tokyo University
    of Science,
    Anthropology of Sport

  • Goichi Hagiwara

    Kyushu Sangyo
    Sports Management

  • Hisashi Mitsuishi

    Kyoto University
    of Advanced Science,
    Health Psychology, Psychophysiology

  • Takeru Shima

    Gunma University,
    Exercise Biochemistry

  • Masahiko Ueda

    Yamaguchi University
    Multi-agent systems

  • Akio Honda

    Shizuoka Institute
    of Science and Technology

  • Hirotoshi Mankyu

    National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Kanoya,
    Swimming, Coaching

  • Masaya Muneda

    National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Kanoya
    Sport Management, Sport Marketing

  • Ikutaro Masaki

    Tokyo Woman’s Christian University
    Social Psychology

International editorial board member

  • Takehiro Iwatsuki

    Pennsylvania State University,
    Altoona College(USA),
    Sport Psychology, Motor Control and Learning

  • Fan Xiang

    Shanghai Jiao Tong
    Health Promotion, Sport Sociology,
    Mental Health, Epidemiology

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