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About Alliance Program

The “Alliance Program” (AP)is an industry-academia collaboration program by universities, research institutes, and various academic societies.
◆ Benefits for related organizations
  1. Contributors affiliated societies, universities, and research institutes with the AP will always receive a 10% discount on all article processing charges for the “Journal of Digital Life”.
  2. AP members can use this service for free of charge by placing the “Digital Life” logo and link on your website.
  3. ※There is no limit to the number of articles you can publish.

    ※There is no editing work associated with participation.

◆ For Universities and Research Institutions
  • Your researches published in the Journal of Digital Life will be actively covered by our media contents.
  • AP members will be given priority for research grants provided by supporting member companies.
◆ For academic society
  • If you can obtain permission from your academic society, you can translated in English and summarized the contents published in own languages and submit it to this journal for secondary publication.
  • It also prioritizes the research budget allocated by support member companies.


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