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  • Secondary Publication Engineering in General Information Sciences

    An e-Management Method and Self-Driving Frame of on-Demand-to-Supply Robot Type using Ternary/Pair-Map

    by Masayuki Matsui - August 15, 2023

    Our study on 3M&I-artifacts body looks at the (intangible) problems from the traditional Taylor-style static to dynamic (cock-pit) e-management approaches. Since the invention of pair-map (1983) at profit max, we are attempting to advance the on (moving-space)-management by pair (accelerator, brake) matrix approach. This attempt could be now characterized as the problem of profit max by pair (revenue, cost) method, and would be visualized and digitalized such as such a heliocentric vs. geocentric science as mobile “enterprise x computer” robots of SW (middle initiative) base. Finally, a static vs. moving-space automobile-like case on the pair-typed driving map is graphically given and discussed toward the shedding of classic pair-map at 2-center type since 1983.

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  • Article Clinical Medicine General Medicine Social Medicine

    A proposal concerning exercise intensity with the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure Exergame among older adults: A preliminary study

    by Ryo Miyazaki - August 8, 2023

    The Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure (RFA) (Nintendo, Kyoto, Japan) is a novel exergame that combines exercise and video game elements. Although previous RFA intervention studies have reported the health effects of the RFA, exercise intensity among older adults has not yet been documented. We hypothesized that the exercise intensity of older adults in the current RFA setting may be low. This preliminary study developed a range of prototype RFA intensity conditions and to evaluate exercise intensity among older adults. Six older adults (1 male/5 females, mean age 75.2±10.3 years old) participated in this study. Three RFA conditions were developed: "LOW" (the ‘default’ load. Older individual input actual gender and age), "MODERATE" (as defined by the American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM]: 40%-59% heart rate reserve [HRR]), and "HIGH" (highest exercise intensity that older individuals could set in the game). Exercise intensity was assessed using the %HRR. The results show that the %HRR values for the conditions were 34.9%±4.1% (LOW), 40.0%±2.9% (MODERATE), and 52.3%±3.1% (HIGH). In conclusion, this preliminary study showed that, among the three prototype RFA conditions, both MODERATE and HIGH conditions generally attain moderate or greater intensity for older adults when assessed using the heart rate.

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  • Technical Article Economics

    How much do you bid? Answers from ChatGPT in first-price and second-price auctions

    by Toshihiro Tsuchihashi - August 14, 2023

    This research examines the feasibility of using ChatGPT as a subject in an auction experiment. The author will also test the idea of giving ChatGPT a “persona” to participate as a human. Without personas, the author finds overbidding in the FPA and slight underbidding in the SPA; the FPA results are consistent with prior studies, but the SPA results differ. Given the persona as an excellent economics student, ChatGPT bid close to the theoretical prediction in the FPA but significantly underbid in the SPA. These results raise questions about using LLM-based AI subjects in auctions.

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  • Article Electrical and Electronic Engineering Information Sciences

    Development of Sensing Unit “xG-1” for Visualizing Team Plays

    by Wenyuan Jiang - May 16, 2023

    The authors have developed "xG-1", a sports sensing unit capable of visualizing the performance and flow of play while recognizing each player in field sports such as soccer, rugby, and American football. Utilization of this sensing unit in the field of sports makes it possible to provide scientific data-driven services with the aim of transforming subjective coaching methods based on experience into new coaching methods based on data. This system consists of sensor devices and software, utilizing real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, which is a surveying technology. Therefore, the system not only provides highly accurate positional data in real time but also visualizes the overall performance of the entire team, including formation analysis. This allows one-stop management of the overall team and individual performance, as well as efficient information management of the player's exercise load. "xG-1" can support sports businesses by providing highly extensible API and SDK and linking data among end users and systems. In the future, we aim to develop a global open data platform.

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