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The Conference of Digital Life vol.0

The Conference of Digital Life vol.0
Aims of the Conference
The Journal of Digital Life, an international academic journal, held the online “Conference of Digital Life vol. 0” as a kickoff for the first Conference. In addition to the paper awards and presentations scheduled for the first Conference, we explained new concepts for the Journal, such as the publication of a Special Issue.
Date & Time
March 16, 2023, 13:00~15:00
  • Conference Program
    ・Opening Remarks
    ・Welcome Speech from the Project Director
    ・”Alliance Partner Individual Membership”
    ・Presentations by Digital Life Alliance Program Supporting Members (corporations)
    ・Operational System of Digital Life Office
    ・Greeting from the new Director of Digital Life Office
    ・Outline and Awards for the Next Conference
    ・Special Issue and Theme
    ・Closing Remarks
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