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    Development of Sensing Unit “xG-1” for Visualizing Team Plays

    Takayuki Yamada
    Hidekazu Masaki
    Yutaka Matsubayashi
    Shigenori Tanaka
    Ryuichi Imai
    Takeshi Naruo
    Kenji Nakamura
    Yuhei Yamamoto
    Wenyuan Jiang
    Chihiro Tanaka

    The authors have developed "xG-1", a sports sensing unit capable of visualizing the performance and flow of play while recognizing each player in field sports such as soccer, rugby, and American football. Utilization of this sensing unit in the field of sports makes it possible to provide scientific data-driven services with the aim of transforming subjective coaching methods based on experience into new coaching methods based on data. This system consists of sensor devices and software, utilizing real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, which is a surveying technology. Therefore, the system not only provides highly accurate positional data in real time but also visualizes the overall performance of the entire team, including formation analysis. This allows one-stop management of the overall team and individual performance, as well as efficient information management of the player's exercise load. "xG-1" can support sports businesses by providing highly extensible API and SDK and linking data among end users and systems. In the future, we aim to develop a global open data platform.

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