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  • Article Sociology

    Clarifying the Sharpened network diversity in French flair rugby

    Koh Sasaki
    Mitsuyuki Nakayama
    Eiji Kutsuki
    Kensuke Iwabuchi
    Takumi Yamamoto
    Ichiro Watanabe
    Hironobu Shimozono
    Jun Murakami
    Takashi Katsuta
    Takuo Furukawa
    Ichiro Kono

    This study aimed that open rugby, known as flair rugby, drives the modern game by analyzing the 2022-2023 international test matches of France representative team. We examined the superiority of a spatial tactic called French flair rugby. First, the advantage of creating a relatively large number of networks was demonstrated. From the transitivity analysis of the network (CUG test; Conditional Uniform Graph test), the cooperation occurs at a higher level than in other networks. The network graph structure showed which players functioned centrally at which time of match as unusual positions, i.e., multi-position and multi-skill. In this study, we operationally defined this diversity as the sum of the standardized eigenvector centralities. We found that the increase in the time-series score balance tended to reduce and sharpened the diversity. As a result of examining a scale-free model in network theory, Sharpening the diversity (central and transitive role players) tended of the network power law scaling.

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