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  • Special Issue Information Sciences

    Development of Video Switching System in Sport Fields

    Yoshimasa Umehara
    Wenyuan Jiang
    Yoshito Nishita
    Yuhei Yamamoto
    Takeshi Naruo
    Shigenori Tanaka
    Akira Yokomichi
    Norio Fujimoto
    Toshihiro Akagi
    Shingo Hakamata

    In Japan, the Sport Basic Plan was formulated in 2012, which mentions not only the development of highly qualified sports instructors but also new perspectives such as the provision of programs in which everyone can enjoy the value of sports together. Against this background, trials of new technologies utilizing the latest ICT equipment such as sensor devices are being made. However, in college sports, where financial resources are often limited, shooting with hand-held video cameras is the most common method, which may cause the manager to overlook important scenes of play depending on his or her skill level. This problem affects not only competitors but also spectators. To solve this problem, we develop a system for capturing video images of the entire field with multiple fixed video cameras so that the system can automatically switch from one to another video of the most appropriate camera for the respective scenes of play. The results of the demonstration experiments in basketball and futsal showed that the switching video of the proposed technology can be utilized for tactical analysis in sports.

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