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Why Digital Life?

  • Who We Are

    Journal of Digital Life is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal from Sankei Digital Inc., a subsidiary of a major Japanese media company, SANKEI SHIMBUN CO., LTD. 

    We publish academic literature in social science, life science, engineering, and frontier science, with special focus on the digital technology and digitalization of social science. To operate the multidisciplinary journal, our editorial board consists of scholars from various fields including, but not limited to, medicine, biochemistry, physiology, sports science, education, business management, information science, and civil engineering. Editors and Editorial Board Members are shown here (Link: https://journal-digitallife.com/about-digital-life/editors/ ). 

    Although contributions to scientific progress is the most important goal of our service, we also aim to support development of the digital industry. By making academic achievements accessible to readers around the world, we try to organize productive relationships among academic researchers, private companies, and public entities. Since the beginning of our service in 2021, we have published much literature related to new industries, such as esports. 

    Our effort for the development of new industries is boosted by the media power of Sankei Digital Inc. Literature in our journal has already produced many news stories written for ordinary people outside academia. They appeared on Japanese-language and English-language news sites, as shown here (Link: https://journal-digitallife.com/about-digital-life/on-media/ ). Broad media coverage on academic works, which often stay obscure to many people otherwise, may conduce to a significant change of global economy and society.

  • Open Access Policy

    Journal of Digital Life is an open access journal. Thus, readers all over the world are not required to pay any fee to access academic literature in this journal. They can also reuse and quote all or a part of the literature without special permissions if the materials are adequately cited as original ones. 

  • Instruction for Authors

    We publish five types of literature as follows; Article, Technical Article, Review Article, Secondary Publication, Report. We ask authors to select an adequate article type when they submit their manuscripts. 

    Article is an academic literature which provides new concepts and findings and makes a clear conclusion through reasonable evidence. Our editorial board will accept a manuscript as Article and decide to publish it when it is expected to make a significant contribution to academic progress.  

    Technical Article should show new facts, data, or new methods that are worth publishing. They may describe technologies that can be applied to practical use. Although Technical Article need to satisfy a high standard of academic credibility, it is not necessarily required to indicate a clear conclusion.

    Review Article is an article reviewing previous academic literature in a specific field with a balanced perspective. Review Article is not just a list of previous studies. Authors of Review Article must show their points of view by scrutinizing and comparing published literature in the research field which they are reviewing.  

    Secondary Publication is an English translation of literature previously published in a language other than English. The translation into English should be conducted with appropriate summarization. We welcome contributions from researchers who have published their achievements in non-English language.

    Report is a type of literature written to share preliminarily the result or process of research, such as white paper, working paper, and research note. By publishing Report, we aim to help researchers at academic institutes or private companies find a growing academic field which they may be interested in.

    Our detailed article posting rule is provided here. (Link: https://journal-digitallife.com/submit-an-article/for-authors/article-posting-rules/ )

  • Editorial Process

    All manuscripts submitted as Article, Technical Article, and Review Article, are subject to peer-review. One independent expert appointed by the editorial board will review them thoroughly from an objective, academic, and supportive perspective, not based on the reviewers’ subjective values. To publish academic literature as quickly as possible, we try to finish the editorial process within about one month from the receiving of manuscripts.

    Manuscripts submitted as Secondary Publication and Report are reviewed by an editor/ editorial board member in charge to decide whether or not to publish them. 

    Our peer review rule is provided here. (Link: https://journal-digitallife.com/submit-an-article/for-reviewers/peer-review-rules/ )

  • Licensing Terms

    All literature in this journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Thus, everyone can copy and redistribute the material of any literature in any medium or format.

    Details are explained on the website of Creative Commons. (Link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ )

  • Copyright Terms

    All copyrights (including the rights under Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) to the literature published in this journal shall belong to or be transferred to SANKEI DIGITAL Inc. 

    Details are described in the Article 13 of Terms of Use. (Link: https://journal-digitallife.com/operating-organization/terms-of-use/ )

  • Author Charges

    To operate Journal of Digital Life as an open access journal, publication fee is charged to authors when their academic literature is accepted for publication by the editorial board. The fee is relatively inexpensive as shown below. Additional publication fee may be charged when the number of pages of the literature is more than 10. Authors are not required to pay any other fee during the process for publication of their literature.

    Article: 150,000 yen
    Technical Article: 20,000 yen per page
    Review Article: 150,000 yen
    Secondary Publication: 150,000 yen
    Report: 150,000 yen

  • Contact Information

    Digital Life Editorial Office
    1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8077, Japan
    E-mail: info-digitallife@sankei.co.jp

  • ISSN

    International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) of Journal of Digital LIfe is 2436-6293 (online).
    (Link: https://portal.issn.org/resource/ISSN/2436-6293 )

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