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    An e-Management Method and Self-Driving Frame of on-Demand-to-Supply Robot Type using Ternary/Pair-Map

    Masayuki Matsui

    Our study on 3M&I-artifacts body looks at the (intangible) problems from the traditional Taylor-style static to dynamic (cock-pit) e-management approaches. Since the invention of pair-map (1983) at profit max, we are attempting to advance the on (moving-space)-management by pair (accelerator, brake) matrix approach. This attempt could be now characterized as the problem of profit max by pair (revenue, cost) method, and would be visualized and digitalized such as such a heliocentric vs. geocentric science as mobile “enterprise x computer” robots of SW (middle initiative) base. Finally, a static vs. moving-space automobile-like case on the pair-typed driving map is graphically given and discussed toward the shedding of classic pair-map at 2-center type since 1983.

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